Sunday, March 27, 2016

Punjabi poet Lal Singh Dil in MPT (Modern Poetry in Translation)

                                                                               Lal Singh Dil

Here below are two poems of Punjabi revolutionary poet Lal Singh Dil (1943-2007) published in 'Centres of Cataclysm' an anthology from MPT (Modern Poetry in Translation), a magazine founded by Ted Hughes and Daniel Weissbort in 1965, celebrating fifty years of publishing translations from the world over across time and space. The anthology is a selection from all the issues of MPT published since 1965. Here is a short extract from the present editors of MPT, David and Helen  Constantine, on the founding principle of MPT:


MPT seeks a real diversity of voices:women and men equally, different centuries,countries, races, creeds, languages, cultures, ideas. The very essence of founding principle was: Your view is not the only one.

I am sure  readers and admirers of Lal Singh Dil, as indeed readers of Punjabi literature, would be immensely pleased to find Dil among this select group of poets from all over the world.

Readers can access MPT website here: