Monday, December 10, 2012


My Four Poems 

These may interest some readers.


For twenty–five years
We have lived here
In this house
We call ours
Slept in the same bed
Looked into each others’ eyes
Embraced and begotten
These children
We call ours

We have spent
This life
And yet
We have been two cocoons
In tangential contact
Our unmetamorphosed selves
Shrivelling year by year
In our dark individual cells


We have tried
Both of us
We have broken our heads
Against stone walls
Withstood the heat of blast furnaces
Waded through parsecs of frozen silence…
To edge towards each other

And now
Two frayed animals at our wits’ end
We stare into each other’s eyeballs
Reflecting two archaeological sites:
Ruined cities with their broken artifacts
Time beaten images of clay
Seals and tablets inscribed
With undecipherable messages:
Remains of a defeated endeavour

3.  WE  TWO

In this wilderness
We two
Could’ve walked
Hand in hand
On the same pathway

But chasing mirages
We’ve strayed away
From each other
Our oases



That day
During our casual talk
Over a cup of tea
One thing my dear
Was clear:
Henceforth we won’t be
Atoms united in covalent bonds
Perhaps we would be
Two particles of dust
In random motion
Floating in a shaft of sunlight
Or two elements in two non-intersecting
Universes of discourse
Never meeting
Never coming in each other’s way
Hurtling through space
Like galaxies from the shattered centre