Monday, September 17, 2012

Hindi Poetry

I write in English, but occasionally in Hindi too.

Here are two of my Hindi poems with their translations by me. Comments on the poems and translations are welcome. Please bear with my Hindi handwriting.




The spotless blue sky
Said to the metropolis:
Look at me
How I
Casting aside
The dark and ragged sheet of clouds
Am new again
As I was
On the day of Creation.

And you
Your excretions
Into subterranean channels
Your down-and-out
To shanties beyond your boundaries
Pretend to be spotless

Rise above yourself
And look down below
At the innumerable black spots
Embossed on your body
Like fly-shit
And that envelop of fumes
Which from your each pore
You continually on yourself pour
And how drinking that slow poison
You are committing suicide

If you can take respite
From your continual wheeling motion,
Borrow from me my seer’s eye
And peep into the dark recesses –
That are the source of all this muck

But the blind and deaf metropolis
Remained dumb


You think
You have solved
The riddle of life
By drawing a straight line between
Yes and no
Right and wrong
Good and bad
Virtue and sin

And I 
Vascillating between
Yes or no
Right or wrong
Good or bad
Virtue or sin
Have lost my way

Destiny has tricked us both

Life is
Neither the geometrical proposition
Neatly proved
By you
Nor the kite-string
Irrevocably tangled
In my hands

Neither you nor I
Have the means to untangle this thread 
And we’re both destined
To live out
Our own half-truths