Born in 1937 I am a graduate from Punjab University (1956), postgraduate in English from Punjabi University (1970) and M.Litt in Comparative Indian Literature from Delhi University (1978). Served with the Government of India from 1956 to1970 in a job that took me to different parts of the country including Ladakh where I served for more than two years traveling extensively along the Indo-Tibetan border. Resigned from Government service in 1970 and took up teaching English language and literature at Deshbandhu Evening College, now Ramanujan College (University of Delhi) New Delhi from where I retired as Associate professor in 2002. Have published fiction, poetry, translated Punjabi poetry into English, produced English language teaching course books for schools.

My long study of R.K. Narayan’s novels, Pattern and Significance in the Novels of R.k.Narayan was published in Indian Literature, Sahitya Akademi in 1975.

My M.Litt. dissertation was on The Partition Theme in Hindi and Indo-Anglian Fiction (1978), a study of six Hindi and English novels including Yash Pal’s Joota Sach , Bhisham Sahni’s Tamas, Khuswant Singh’s Train to Pakistan and Chaman Nahal’s Azadi. (Unpublished)

Published two short novels, The Stricken Moth (1984) and Alone in the Wilderness (2000), both from Writers’ Workshop, Kolkata.

Published a few poems in The Journal of the Poetry Society (India) and Poetry India: Voices for the Future (1993) and done poetry reviews for the poetry society journal between1991-94.

Translated Punjabi poet, Puran Singh Kanwar (1942-96), into English (A Season of Nights, National Bookshop, Delhi, 2006).

Translated Pash (Avtar Singh Sandhu 1950-88), one of the most dominant, influential and discussed modern Punjabi poets. The translation titled ‘Pash: A Poet of Impossible Dreams’ has been published by Pash Memorial International Trust together with Shilalekh, Delhi, 2010. 

Translated another Punjabi revolutionary poet, Lal Singh Dil (1943-2007). A collection of about 100 poems, titled ‘ Exclusion Deprivation Nothingness: Selected Poems of Lal Singh Dil’ has been published by LG Publishers Distributors Delhi, 2017.  Five of Dil's poems translated by me were published in the Transitions issue of the magazine Modern Poetry in Translation (MPT) 2012, published from Oxford, UK. Two of Dil’s poems
translated by me for MPT were published in their fiftieth anniversary collection of translated poetry titled Centres of Cataclysm(2016).

Translated 28 short stories of Hindi writer Premchand, all of which are available on this blog. On the average 150-200 persons visit my blog daily primarily to read Premchand’s stories. These stories have been published in book form under the title :Premchand : God's Share in Stale Rice and Other Stories (2019).

I have also published the following articles on English language teaching:
Learning a Foreign Language: Gulliver’s Way’ in ‘FORTELL’ (Journal of Teaching English Language and Literature) , published by Forum of Teachers of English Language and Literature, New Delhi, January 2012.

‘Reflections on having been a Learner before becoming a Teacher of English’ in ‘Language and Language Teaching’ (Azimji Premji University), Volume 4 Number 4 Issue 7, January 2015

Translating Punjabi Poetry: An Approach, in ‘Language and Language Teaching’ (Azimji Premji University), Volume 6 Number 2 Issue 12, July 2017

In addition, I have done extensive work on production of course book materials for English language teaching in schools.
I have been co-author and co-General Editor for three course book series (Open Windows, Looking Ahead and Wings by Pencraft Publications, Delhi) and two series of Grammar (Graded English Grammar and English in Use by Kohinoor Publications, Delhi) meant for classes 1 to 8 for Indian schools and widely prescribed in schools all over India. The series Wings has now been co-published with Britannica (India).